Property developers

Property developers are among the most important providers of turnkey properties on the Neubaumarkt. In contrast to prefabricated manufacturers, general contractors and general contractors, they sell not only apartments and houses, but also their properties.

The activities of a developer

Property developers purchase land for municipalities, farmers, private individuals or other owners and build on single or multi-family houses. The houses or the individual apartments then sell them together with land or share of land to private buyers. The developer plans the entire building project, but usually does not carry out any construction activities himself. Instead, he commissioned construction companies and crafts companies and coordinated their work.

All-round service for the buyer

Real estate and land ownership shall only be transferred to the buyer if, upon acceptance of the finished property, he has convinced himself that everything has been carried out in accordance with the contract and without defects. Until then, the developer plays as a builder. In this function, he collects all approvals and monitors the construction process. The buyer does not have to deal with authorities or construction companies.

The real estate offer of developers

Developers are not specific property types: They sell apartments as well as detached or connected single-family houses. New owner-occupied apartments are almost exclusively offered by property developers. They are also strongly represented in the segment of single-family houses, in particular with row and double houses. Often the regionally well-networked builders buy large areas of land on the municipalities, on which they build new buildings with different residential concepts. Particularly in agglomerations, however, smaller individual properties are bought up, on which the developer can create a completely individual house according to the wishes of the buyer.