Theo 1 / 28 Terraced houses

The Neubauprojekt THEO in Berlin Mahlsdorf

THEO is a family-friendly, nature-oriented life in a home away from the urban noise.

28 terraced houses
Approx. 155 m² living space
4 rooms plus attic
124 m² to 316 m² of land
Outside terrace and terrace
Free of charge
Underfloor heating, parquet, electric roller shutters
38 pitches
Good connection by car and public transport

Buy is the new hiring

An investment with a future.

While you as a tenant make monthly with your money the landlord happy, you can finance with a comparable sum also your own house. Read why a financial consideration is worthwhile precisely at this object and at the current time.

The time of low interest rates

The point in time is favorable: the interest rate of a financing is as low as never before. As Berlin’s largest independent bank financing provider, ZIEGERT – Bank- und Finanzierungsconsulting GmbH helps you to find the most advantageous offer from a large number of providers. Ask for our non-binding financing advice, we will be glad to provide you with a tailor-made offer.

Use inflation instead of cursing

Anyone who invests his money in bonds or other investments knows that the current rate of inflation is higher than the gain. The situation is quite different in the case of a financed property. A part of the debt pays off itself by inflation over the years.

Invest with a long-term perspective

It is an open secret: the Berlin real estate market is booming. At the moment, however, price growth is concentrated mainly on the city center.
An end to this trend is not in sight. Firstly, many and especially young people continue to come to Berlin and secondly, more and more Berliners are discovering the high quality of life in the city. With comparatively low construction activity, this means that property values ​​are rising.

The location of THEO in Berlin Mahlsdorf

If you know the city, Mahlsdorf really appreciates.

Berlin infrastructure, but with plenty of space, lots of nature and much more peace
Child-friendly neighborhood
On foot, by bike or by car, all (shopping) facilities are within easy reach
Landscape protection area Kaulsdorfer Seen within walking distance
Alter Dorfkern Mahlsdorf and one- and two-family houses characterize the place of residence
Direct connection to S-Bahn and to the city center

Everyday life in a modern idyll

Mahlsdorf. Even the name sounds kind of cozy. Calm. Just like a village where the cows still have time to chew real grass. Mahlsdorf. There are cows here. But as a local part of Berlin, Mahlsdorf has more than 27,000 inhabitants and thus more the impression of an idyllic small town. With its location on the outskirts of Berlin on the edge of Brandenburg, Mahlsdorf also combines the best of both worlds: extensive wooded and meadows, cobbled streets, several bathing lakes nearby, family-friendly surroundings – and a large city infrastructure and direct access to the center of Berlin.

The right place is where Berlin meets the surrounding countryside.

It is less than 25 minutes to Alexanderplatz by car. The S-Bahn goes directly to the Hackescher Markt, the Zoologischer Garten and later back home. Home. Where the sky has more space than in the city center. Because in Mahlsdorf there are no high-rise buildings. Instead, it is one of the largest contiguous areas of one and two-family houses in Germany with its neighbors and thus has a very special way of life. Here children with a lot of freedom of movement grow up, with playgrounds, neighbor children, uncomplicated wanderings into the green and the security of a house with garden. And the adults enjoy a high leisure value and the excellent local supply from supermarket to district library. This is Mahlsdorf. Perfect to set up home there.

Project address: Theodorstraße 63, 12623 Berlin